The Protocol to Advancements in Precision Medicine
EXOCHAIN acts as the identity infrastructure, which enables the 1.3 million healthcare professionals in the BlueCloud Network to safely and securely interact with a patient population of 70 million for the purpose of identifying candidate locations for clinical trials.
Can you log into your medical records?
Access to your electronic health records is a fundamental human right. Yet, so many individuals do not have access to their records. With EXOCHAIN's revolutionary adjudication technology, everyone will be able to access their records on demand.
Market dominance ensured
EXOCHAIN is hitting the ground running with over one million users representing 50,000 industry stakeholders. EXOCHAIN has exclusive market access contracts in place with BlueCloud® and ACRES®.
EXOCHAIN Adjudication Protocol
EXOCHAIN isn't just a concept, it's a live protocol soon to be serving hundreds of thousands of users.
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