Founded in 1998, CyberMedica took in $12M in venture capital which it used to create the CyberMedica Suite of software products designed to run on the CyberMedica application service provider platform as a software as a service (ASP) offering.

After completing the development in 2000 CyberMedica was caught in the dot com 1.0 collapse of its primary financier Alberto Villar’s New York City based Amerindo Technology Investment Funds. In 2001 CyberMedica filed for bankruptcy and the Intellectual Property was subsequently procured from the United Stated Federal Bankruptcy Court and is made available as seed-technology here.

There were two distinct versions of the software developed:

  • The first of which was originally built using IBM’s Lotus Domino application server platform. That version was made available to the public in 2004 and has seen nearly 800 downloads here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cybermedica/
  • G2, the Software as a Service Application Service Provider edition was created to CMMI SEI4 quality development standards and modeled in UML with Rational’s suite of CASE development tools on ASP.NET, J2EE, C++ and ORACLE Workflow Server. Documented fully, the Rational Rose UML use cases.

CyberMedica additionally developed a 1,200 page Systems Development Life Cycle containing rights, roles, responsibilities, swim lane diagrams and project templates for all of CyberMedica’s internal policies, processes and procedures including development and infrastructure engineering of the technology platform. Additionally, delivery organization service level agreements and strategic customer centric product roadmaps were documented and integrated to ISO levels of quality and process peer-reviewed by EMC, Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft. View here: http://opensdlc.org

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