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June 25, 2012 in Cybermedica

A long held vision for equitable ethical democratization of technologies is what drives the culture embodied and envisioned in the CyberMedica Project.

Any and all of the missions, goals, programmes, policies, processes, procedures, developments, roadmaps shall be governed by the system itself ensuring collaboration, ethical decisioning, peer-review, outcomes based metrics and proactive transparency.

All participation shall be voluntary and as that of a sovereign individual. As such each and every contribution shall be attributed to that member. All rights for such contributions shall be considered shared with CyberMedica for commerce and free attribution share alike for the greater public good under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial? Attribution Share Alike license and Science Commons approach.

To the extent that CyberMedica licenses contributed works for commercial purposes a mechanism shall exist to directly attribute the direct end-user value attributable to contributions of every sovereign and an equitable portion of such derived value as captured by license revenues shall be paid to the sovereign and his or her heirs in perpetuity.